Friday, April 22, 2005

Recent issue of Archaeology Magazine
The main contents are listed at this link - see below for links to specific features.
The latest issue of Archaeology Magazine has a feature (both in the print version of the magazine, and online) about the Tanis collection, which, though it has produced some fabulous grave goods from royal tombs, is relatively little-known when compared to sites like the tomb of Tutankhamun. This article describes the discoveries of Pierre Montet, who found these beautiful finds after 11 years of endevour, and remembers this excavator who is very much in the shadow of more famous colleagues.
There is also a set of online items entitled "TutWatch" inspired by the currently touring Tutankhuman exhibtion, which is now in the US. It looks at the subject from a number of perspectives, also has the schedule of the exhibition.
A review of the Arthur Phillips novel "The Egyptologist" (Random House)

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