Friday, September 30, 2005

KMT - Fall 2005
The newest edition of KMT is being promoted on the KMT website (Volume 16, Number 3, Fall 2005). Features include (copied from the website above):
  • HATSHEPSUT: FROM QUEEN TO PHARAOH by Dennis Forbes: An Unprecedented Presentation of theFemale King & Her Times is theInaugural Exhibition at San Francisco's New M.H. de Young Museum
  • MAATKARE HATSHEPSUT by Dennis Forbes: History's First Great Woman Profiled
  • THE ART OF MEDICINE IN ANCIENT EGYPT byJames P. Allen: A New Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museumof Objects from the MMA Collection
  • "ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ARTFOR THE AFTERLIFE" by Peter Lacovara: Selections from an American Private CollectionExhibited at the Mint Museum,Charlotte, North Carolina
  • THE PETRIE MUSEUM by Sally Macdonald: A World-Class Collection at Risk
  • VIRTUAL PYRAMIDS - REAL RESEARCH by Peter Der Manuelian: The Giza Archives Project Goes Live Online

See the KMT website (at the above URL) for more information.

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axl said...

dear andie,
i have found this website as i am doing a ancient history research task and would like to know more about cleopatra in particularly how stelas were found of her depicted as a male if you have any more information please right back as i need all the help i can get thanks