Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tell Edfu blog - the 2011 season

Tell Edfu blog

Today excavations began and we were thrilled to have 59 local workmen join us for the clearing of the Old Kingdom area. Should we continue to get so many workers, we should be finished clearing this area by the Eid break in about 2 weeks. We are extremely excited to see some seal impressions already coming out of the ground.

Susan, Natasha, Janelle, and Dr. Moeller braved the temple pylon in search of the pottery boxes from previous seasons. Even though they had to dig for some time to find the exact boxes they were looking for, a tarp managed to keep most of the bat guano off of the boxes (a fact that greatly pleased the girls). Natasha and Janelle have a lot of work to do getting all of the pottery drawn over the next few weeks.

The Tell Efu Project has its own website. You can also read a short summary about the Oriental Institute's Tell Edfu project on their website, which also contains a link to the 2009-2010 report.

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